Dear Heart-based Parents and Teachers,

New Learning Culture (NLC) founder, Carmen Gamper provides educational consulting for “Child-Directed Learning” and has developed a unique approach based on a proven educational model currently used in over 200 progressive schools across Europe – from preschool to high school.

The NLC approach is rooted in children’s genuine needs and includes best practices from Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Waldorf, democratic education, mindfulness, and other cutting-edge techniques. This approach helps create inspiring learning environments that allow for “self-directed learning”, non-invasive teaching, and joyful co-creative experiences for children, teachers, and parents.

NLC Consulting provides solutions for Parents, Teachers & School Directors, if:

• You are tired of boring, ineffective, outdated schooling methods that pit teachers vs students

• You are aware of children’s natural zest for learning but are concerned about allowing more freedom

• You seek an educational approach that allows everyone involved to be creative, serene, and playful while developing academic excellence

• You need to reinvigorate your teaching career with new techniques

NLC offers individual consulting as well as a series of online courses which provide a customizable template for starting or transforming an independent school, homeschool group or homeschool. Individual components/modules can be used to support children in any school or homeschool environment. 

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