DIY Montessori Spindle Box – same but different

I’m just back from a 6 week NLC consultation stay at the school of the Huichol Center for Cultural Survival founded by Susana Valadez, in Huejuquilla del Alto, in the Sierra Madre, Mexico. I consulted the teacher staff of their preschool and after school program, and we became friends in the process.


Because the teachers have to work with very limited resources, we came up with lots of learning materials made of recycled and nature items.

To create a material similar to the Montessori Spindle Box, we took big bottle caps, numeral stickers, and beans:

bottle caps material

In addition to learning about matching numeral with bean amounts, children can also do simple addition. Just take two bottle caps full with beans that you would like to add to each other and pour them into a third cap that has no numeral sticker, then count the beans…

bottle cap addition

I shared with the teachers how to present materials with the Three-Period Lesson – and they loved it! So simple! So fun!

Stay tuned for more…we made Montessori materials with laundry clips, Froebel materials with plastic bottle rings, the Golden Beads with golden beans, and much more…

Best wishes,
Carmen Gamper

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