Workshops at Harmony Montessori in Mill Valley, Ca.

Workshop for parents, teachers and caretakers (preschool and elementary)
April 29, May 25 and June 17, 7-9pm
at Harmony Montessori, Mill Valley, 94941, 12 Shell Rd.

Preparing Play and Learning Environments with Boundaries:
Thursday, April 29th 2010, 7-9pm; $25

Easy ways to provide opportunities for self-motivation and independent learning.
Arrange simple spaces for pretend play, imaginary play, crafting, art and hands-on learning materials.

Learn how to help children develop independence step by step through creating opportunities for practical skill development in household and garden.

Understanding the Intelligence of Play:
Tuesday, May 25th, 7-9pm; $25

How to cultivate the natural educational and healing effects of dramatic and pretend play.

Recognizing important learning processes while children play, and nourishing them through additional support and materials.

Assisting the child in processing (real-life and TV-) experiences and emotions through through pretend play.

Choosing Hands-on Learning Materials for Children:
Thursday, June 17th, 7-9pm; $25

Enjoy an introduction to manipulatives for basic math, beginning writing / reading, and practical life. Learn simple ways to craft them together with children.

Learn basic teaching skills developed by Montessori, Steiner, Froebel, which can become additional tools for your interactions with children.

All 3 sessions at Harmony Montessori, Mill Valley, CA 94941. While each of the sessions is designed as a stand-alone unit, we encourage you to come to all three evenings in order to develop a fuller picture of your possibilities as a parents and educator.
For more info and to register go to

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