Being a Learning Companion

Safe Self-Directed Learning for children depends on adult companionship. The loving attention of an adult is an enormous catalyst for a child’s learning process.
Children thrive when adults show true interest in their activities and in their way of thinking.

Children get a chance to explore for themselves when adults let go of entertaining and guiding them directly. In order to let self-motivated activities emerge from children, adults need to be patient and present observers. Adults need to hold the space for learning to occur.

More than taking responsibility for a child’s individual learning process, adult learning companions take responsibility for creating a safe inspiring emotional and physical environment by setting healthy boundaries, and by updating the learning spaces with appropriate learning tools.

Being a learning companion means learning alongside the children and finding personal ways of fulfilling genuine needs for oneself and for the children. Giving and receiving loving attention is healing for adults. By relaxing in the present moment and accepting children for who they are, adults can learn to respect the Sacred Child within themselves.

New Learning Culture consulting and workshops are designed to support educators on their way towards a child-centered education. Contact carmen@newlearningculture for scheduling and pricing.

With joy,
Carmen Gamper

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